Pledge Protection began solely with residential property protection in mind. Today, we work with residential complexes the size of small towns, and properties the size of just one square block. We understand that your location is unique, and cannot be serviced by a broad generic security plan. This is why we customize our services for each and every client, in addition to retraining our officers for new challenges that your property may be facing. 

Here are some of our benefits:

  • Vast knowledge of private property regulations and laws.

  • Specialized training in parking issues such as checking permits and keeping fire lanes clear, in addition to fair and balanced enforcement.

  • Detailed reports including GPS entry/exit times with online viewing access for property managers and clients.

  • Courtesy towards homeowners and guests.

  • Strong deterrent against trespassers and loiterers.

  • Body cameras to record tense situations, thus reducing liability and false accusations.



Whether your property is facing excessive burglaries, abandoned vehicles or just frequent trespassers, we can provide solutions. Its your property and we understand your desire to protect it. We now have a dedicated team of commercial property officers who have made a career out of preventing property crimes, and we can help you with a wide variety of problems. 


Special Event

Pledge Protection began special event services in 2016. Since then, we've helped many event organizers with keeping their special events safe and secure. From lively New Years Eve parties to dignified charity events, we can provide the appropriate professional staff. We understand how stressful the planning can be, so why not relax and let us worry about security?





Whether you’re experiencing issues with trespassers or illegal camping, we can provide off-road patrols that will fit your needs.

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